Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Pink Floyd ‎– The Early Years 1965-1972 Review

Well in general Pink Floyd once again surprised us with a collection of all their albums packed in one unsuitable box, which is very difficult to put somewhere on the shelves. This was more than once already and we should get used to this situation.
Of course I didn't spend money (that I don't have) and buy this stuff. Me thinks it is meaningless in our digital era. I just downloaded it from the trackers in a lossless format (FLAC) an exact copy from CDs.
So okay, design.

After a concise form created by Storm Thorgerson, this looks like a pile of garbage near the green waste container. Let's look closer.

Coverdesign of the first disc picked up from the the pile is 1965-67 Cambridge St/ation comprises a plurality of Freud's symbols.
The audio material on the disc has been repeatedly published in stereo versions earlier, but happily in this case it was decided to release it all in mono version. All right.
Next, 1968 Germin/ation, the song titled Roger's Boogie, Capitol Studios - it's 100% Moody Blues outtake, but not Pink Floyd. There was a mistake in the studio.
The rest of the CDs I'll listen to later and tell you about this my dear readers. 

Monday, 28 May 2012

A new start

Going to do something meaningful. But not decided yet.